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  • Pink White Single Feather Flower Headband


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    Pink White Single Feather Headband is a simple beautiful floral fascinator style of hat. The contrast of Fuchsia pink and brilliant white is captivating.

    The centre of the flower piece consists of pure white goose feathers with a splash of three fuchsia pink feathers. This is surrounded on the edge by a circle of fuchsia pink goose feathers . There are pink feather leaves also attached at the back.

    All this sits on a fine silk wrapped wire attached to a slim metal headband wrapped in white satin fabric.

    There are small crystal details scattered over the headband to add a touch of glistening and sparkling bling. A single fuchsia pink quill spirals at the back to create a beautiful balance to this piece.

    The flower arrangement is designed to sit on the right side of the head and slightly forward.

    Pink White Single Feather Headband is a perfect and easy to wear fascinator style headband. This is definitely a Spring Carnival hat. A match for so many occasions and outfits. The size of this hat makes it easy to pack and travel with if you are travelling interstate or overseas. This will fit into a small easy to travel hat box.

    If you love this style of fascinator hat but were perhaps after something in a different colour then contact Wendy directly. She would love to create for you the perfect hat to match whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind. Hear flowers come in different sizes and styles, and prices var for lager flowers. Postage not included.

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