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  • White Rhinestone Mesh Fabric Crown


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    White Rhinestone Mesh Fabric Crown is a definite crowning glory. A style of hat that will stand out and crown your beauty.

    This is a structured shape of crown designed to stand up tall and proud. A true crown.

    The crown is first covered in white silk which in turn is completely covered in a unique white rhinestone mesh fabric. This fabric is pure bling. It sparkles. It shines. It is absolutely beautiful.

    This crown is covered with a removable white veil that drops down over the face. It’s up to you whether you want it with or without a veil. We would say take the veil so you can have two different looks for different occasions. A Veil always adds drama and a sense of elegant mystery.

    White Rhinestone Mesh Fabric Crown is designed to curve down around your face and sits just behind your ears. Internal fine wiring helps keep the integrity of the crown in shape.

    Certainly a perfect Bridal piece and for the Bride who wants to be crowned. The removable veil would be ideal for the bride.

    Of course you could wear this crown to any occasion you so choose and even for the Spring Racing Carnival races.

    If you love this style of crown but were perhaps after some different adornment or a different veil then contact Wendy directly. She would love to help create for you the perfect hat to match whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind.

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